Are you ready? Are you prepared?
Disasters Happen.

Floods, landslides, windstorms, tornado’s, wildfires, and earthquakes and tsunami’s are always a possibility.  We need to be prepared.

The Bay City Emergency Volunteers (BCEV) are all about preparation.  We are a group of volunteers from Bay City and the surrounding area dedicated to helping residents of the Bay City area prepare themselves for any disaster. We also work to help the community prepare as well.  From long experience with windstorms and flooding, Tillamook County residents know that when a disaster strikes and overwhelms emergency services that we need to turn to one another and our neighbors.

Earthquake and Tsunami Preparation

Preparing for the worst case means that we are prepared for other potential disasters. The worst case natural disaster scenario is probably a full Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and the resultant series of massive tsunami’s. This event is likely to cut the coast off from the world for a considerable amount of time. Some sources claim in some areas this could be up to a year with impassible roads, electrical services down, no fuel, and no grocery stores. Many people will be displaced due to destroyed and/or damaged homes. City services along the coast such as water and sanitation are projected to be out for two to three years. Current planning calls for households and individuals to be ready for a three week disaster, and knowledgeable planners indicate that people may need to survive for several weeks longer, or even months, before significant assistance is able to be deployed to our area. Bay City Emergency Volunteers encourage residents to prepare by storing supplies, learning about emergency sanitation, and getting to know their neighborhoods.

Get Ready!

Prepare for Evacuation

  1. Create GoBags for everyone in your house. Don’t forget pet supplies.
  2. Know safety routes and assembly areas.
  3. Make a plan for yourself and your family, and practice it together.
  4. Locate important documents, make copies as needed, and have them ready in case of evacuation.

Prepare Your Household:

There are many steps you can take to make your home and household ready to be able to survive long periods of isolation and scarce supplies:

    • Know what to do for safe Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
    • Have a stockpile of emergency food
    • Learn the art of Camping at Home
    • Make your home earthquake safe
    • Plan for the unexpected: Do you have someone who works in another town?  Goes to school in another town?  Have plans in case they are unable to get home.

Prepare Your Neighborhood and Community

We’re all in this together.  After a major disaster, our communities may be forced to “go it alone” for an extended period of time.  Organizing your neighborhood will help you and those you care about survive:

Bay City Emergency Volunteers Monthly Meeting

Location: Bay City City Hall Meeting Room at 5:30 on the third Monday of the month.


Radio check-ins at 7:00 every Wednesday

Activities and Events


Get Involved and Make a Difference. Bay City Emergency Volunteers is a volunteer organization. Giving your time is a great way to get to know your neighbors and others in the town, and to bolster our community’s preparedness and resilience.