Community Preparation

In an emergency, we have learned to rely on our neighbors and family and friends.  The BCEV (Bay City Emergency Volunteers) are working on organizing neighborhoods to prepare and respond.  It is not possible to provide shelter and food for every resident, or even a large percentage of the residents. Nor will it be possible to stockpile enough supplies to repair damage to structures. Each person and family needs to make preparations themselves. 

Bay City is divided up into many neighborhood. Check at the City Hall to look at the map for your area. We have free materials to help you plan. We are always looking for volunteers, too, and each area can have many captains and helpers. Neighborhood captains would be responsible help each neighborhood organize to take care of each other.  For example, the neighborhood should be aware of any neighbors with significant mobility issues, or health concerns that makes them more vulnerable. 

BCEV is hoping to eventually be able to purchase large scale emergency water filtering systems.  In the meantime, water collections methods and storage will be up to the residents. Residents will need their own water filters and/or water treatment methods, and storage.

It is expected that a number of non-resident people will be caught here.  Employees who work in town may not be able to leave for some period of time.  Visitors caught here will be in the same situation. 

Plan Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Captains and Plan your Neighborhood:

Neighborhood Captains are volunteers who make contact with neighbors about emergency preparation and response in their neighborhood.  There are handouts and packets available to guide you through this process.  Questions are about what resources are available?  Is there someone medically trained in your neighborhood?  Someone with home construction experience, somebody with unique medical concerns or high needs such as the elderly?  The idea is for neighborhoods to be able to look after one another.

Houses may be damaged but able to be made livable with tarp or plastic.  Neighbors can help each other with this.

Bay City is divided up into many neighborhoods, and each area can have many Neighborhood Captains.  We are looking for volunteers.

There are other volunteer opportunities with BCEV.  For more information, and to volunteer, go here:

Volunteer with BCEV

To learn more about volunteering with BCEV, Click here:

Community Sheds

Bay City has constructed two emergency sheds.  One is located at Watts Family Park, and the other along High Street.  The sheds are to contain materials that may be needed for community members to take care of each other during a major catastrophe.  Examples are tarps and plastic sheeting for temporary roof repairs to make a damaged home habitable, temporary shelter construction for those who can not go back into their homes due to damage or danger of aftershocks, and temporary shelter for travelers and workers who may be stranded in town when the disaster hits.  It is virtually impossible for a small community like Bay City to stockpile enough supplies to meet all needs in the kind of emergency we will face in the advent of an earthquake and tsunami event.

Groups of residents living within or close to inundation areas in other coastal communities have partnered with friends and other residents living above the expected inundation areas to build their own sheds to stockpile emergency supplies.

Bay City Emergency Volunteers Monthly Meeting

Location: Bay City City Hall Meeting Room at 5:30 on the third Monday of the month.


Radio check-ins at 7:00 every Wednesday

Activities and Events


Get Involved and Make a Difference. Bay City Emergency Volunteers is a volunteer organization. Giving your time is a great way to get to know your neighbors and others in the town, and to bolster our community’s preparedness and resilience.