Prepare Your Home

With your family and neighbors, review the following resources to help prepare your home for emergencies.

Camping at Home

Camping at Home Checklist from EVCNB

Food Preparation

Sample 30-day Supply of Food R3

Recipes For Disasters Cookbook

Foods to Stockpile

Emergency Food Stock Supplies Inventory

Emergency Food - Sample Menus, Substitutes for Fresh Ingredients and Rehydrating Dry Foods

Water and Sanitation

Sanitation and Two Bucket System

Sanitation, Toilets, and Two Bucket System PDF

Sewer Catastrophe Companion

Water Collection and Treatment

Emergency Power

How much power do you need?

Emergency Power or Alternate Power

Home Depot - How to Use a Generator Safely

FEMA - Use Generators Safely at Home

Bay City Emergency Volunteers Monthly Meeting

Location: Bay City City Hall Meeting Room at 5:30 on the third Monday of the month.


Radio check-ins at 7:00 every Wednesday

Activities and Events


Get Involved and Make a Difference. Bay City Emergency Volunteers is a volunteer organization. Giving your time is a great way to get to know your neighbors and others in the town, and to bolster our community’s preparedness and resilience.