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In the advent of a major disaster that takes out the sewer system, toilets will not work. If that happens, residents will need a back up system. The Two Bucket System comes highly recommend. It was used successfully in New Zealand after a major earthquake and worked very well.

The key to the two bucket system is to have a sturdy five or six gallon bucket clearly marked POO, and another one labeled PEE.

The POO bucket can be lined with one of the many biodegradable liners on the market. It can also be lined with a double layer of sturdy trash bags. You don’t want the contents of these bags to leak out. The PEE bucket can also be lined. It is critical not to mix PEE and POO in the same bucket. PEE is mostly sterile and can be easily disposed of. POO that is not mixed with PEE usually does not smell very much but does have disposal concerns.

There are many different brands of toilet seat and lid combinations that can be purchased to put onto the top of the bucket. Alternatively, thick pipe insulation foam can be used to line the top of the bucket.

Proper cleanliness and sanitation will be needed as well. Properly clean your hands after using the buckets. Disease is one of the biggest threats to health and life during a major disaster.

The Twin-Bucket Emergency Toilet

Short video on how to make POO and PEE buckets and how to use them from Seattle. Note that unlike Seattle, Bay City does not have plan to pick up the poo bags at this time.

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